Does just what I had hoped it would.

The small size feeder is just the right height for our 14 year old persian mix cat to be able to sit up while eating. This keeps her head up and her food down in her stomach where it belongs. The elevated height helps to prevent gastric reflux which can be induced from eating in a crouching position or bending over too far downward while eating. Feeding her a gentle formula cat chow in this feeder has proven to be a winning combination for both her and us.

Arthur, Bellevue, WA

These bowls are almost too pretty to be dog bowls!

I finally found the perfect bowls! After purchasing several other bowls that were not quite what I needed, I purchased a couple of these bowls and am finally happy. They are beautiful and easy to clean. I use them indoors as well as outside; they have held up well under heavy use.

Shawnedee, Wichita, KS