Pawsitively Safe® FAQ


A: First, create a simple online profile for your pet, entering the unique 6-digit alphanumeric code from their Pawsitively Safe Pet Finder tag. If your pet goes missing, you can turn to Pawsitively Safe for help and next steps, like downloading printable “Lost Pet” flyers and social tools to spread the word. When someone finds your pet, they’ll enter the tag’s unique code in a mobile or desktop internet browser and have instant access with direct links to call, text or email you. At the same time, you’ll receive instant text and email notifications that your pet has been found. The email will include a map that shows the approximate location where your pet was found.

A: Within your profile page, there is an "Add a Pet" button that allows you to add additional pets to your profile.

A: To report a found pet, go HERE. You’ll be prompted to enter the 6-digit alphanumeric code located on the back of the pet’s tag. Once you enter the code, you’ll see the pet parent’s contact information. If you have any questions, please contact Platinum Pets, toll-free 1-877-355-5011 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST) or

A: Pawsitively Safe is more than an ID tag or microchip, it’s a Pet Finder System. First, your personal information is always safe and secure within the Pawsitively Safe site, not publicly displayed. Only someone who finds your lost pet and enters their unique code will have access to your contact information. Additionally, you can easily access and update your profile at any time. Unlike typical ID tags, with Pawsitively Safe, you’ll receive an instant text message and email with a map that shows where your pet was found. And unlike microchips, any person that finds your pet can contact you – no special trip to the vet required.

A: When someone finds your pet and enters the tag’s unique code, you’ll receive a text notification as well as an email with a Google map of the approximate location of where your pet was found. The map’s accuracy is dependent on the pet finder’s mobile phone location settings and service. Please note that the map is not actively tracking your pet’s location, rather it shows the approximate location of where the pet was found. Every time the tag’s unique code is entered, you’ll receive a new email with the mapped location.

A: We have a whole section of our website dedicated to helping you find your lost pet, please check it out HERE.

A: The tag is scratch resistant and covered with a water-resistant epoxy.

A: You can purchase a new tag online at Platinum Pets, or Search for "Pawsitively Safe Pet Finder."





A: Platinum Protection is a targeted alert system that calls veterinarians and pet shelters to provide an additional layer of safety by enhancing the power of the Pawsitively Safe pet finder.

A: If you report your pet lost, this triggers the Platinum Protection service into action by sending out an automated call to veterinarians and shelters within a 10-mile radius of the area where you pet was reported missing.

This call provides those caregivers your pet's name, breed and color. The person who finds your pet is directed to the Pawsitively Safe website, where they are able to get your contact information.

A: Yes, as long as this unfortunate occurrence takes place in the U.S. The list of veterinarians and shelters to call is determined by the location of where your pet is reported lost.

A: Platinum Protection offers two membership levels, a one-year or two-year plan. The service gives you up to three alert calls per membership year.

A: Platinum Protection's coverage area is currently available in the continental U.S., including Hawaii.

A: Calls are made immediately after a missing pet report has been filed.

A: Yes. If you want a second alert call delivered, log into your Pawsitively Safe profile, return your pet's status to Home Safe, wait a brief period and change it once more to Missing. This will trigger a second alert call.